Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Courage to Expose Pain and Exploitations

Never be without the remembrance of God, for His remembrance provides the bird of the spirit with strength, feathers, and wings.--The Sufi Path Of Love--The Spiritual Teaching of Rumi

For a number of years now, I have been attempting to recovery blocked memories which were stagnated due to a United States Governmental human experimentation program, mainly, Mk-Ultra. A brutal medically unethical project which parallels other inhumane historical acts, such as; Slavery in America, American Indian genocides, the German holocaust and many other extreme inhumane actions. Although, I have survived and endured many traumas in my life, somehow, I still hesitate to expose my total truth; due to fear of ridicule, not being believed, embarrassment and humiliation.

The truthful episodes of my life include the hallowed and the hollowed. Somewhere, between the ages of five and six, I had been kidnapped. Prior to age seven, the age of reason, I had been taken away from a secure and loving family and environment. I had been removed from the cultural, religious, economic and social status in which I had been reared. Nevertheless, and despite these brutal actions, by my seventh year, a most exceptional and extraordinary event happened in my life; I experienced a vision of Christ.

A most magnificent and miraculous illumination to descend upon a child who had through Mk-Ultra, and techniques like hypnosis and psycho driving, been hollowed.

The protective self, the misaligned ego, the horror of the usurpation of the secular over the sacred.

I will share more of the fact of the vision in a future post. But for now let me share a short poem I wrote with you.

An opened space in time, seconds not assigned, the moment freed, found the spirit bound, in mournful eternity.

Thank all who visit my blog and may the New Year bring fulfilled dreams.


Maryam Ruhullah