Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Today is January 29th, 2014 and it has been a while since I last posted a new article on this blog.  I started this blog to raise awareness regarding Mk-Ultra as well as to have an emotional outlet for voicing the fact of being a survivor of the experimentation program.  Recently, I found out that I had inadvertently violated a name criteria and was blocked from creating new post.  I am hoping today that Google had accepted my name consistency and allowed me back onto my blog.

I still have many emotions and situation to log on this avenue of international communication.  I want to express the mental, spiritual and physiological results of having been treated like a non-human, an unimportant being, an expendable gnat.


  1. WOW! This is very amazing and upsetting.

  2. I am also a survivor of MKULTRA ritual abuse. I think it is coming from everywhere....not just covert CIA and govt entities. I have seen more than enough evidence to know that it is a cult of seemingly normal everyday people. But they are inadvertantly participating in satanism. It is nazi technology and they are using it to destroy those of us who they deem expendable, and to silence and destroy people who wont conform to their system of false beliefs. My name is Aleisha Green and I have NEVER been one of them. I have been used by them and spiritually bound as well.

    1. Dear Aleisha,

      I am always pleased when I hear from a Mk-Ultra survivor as so few of us are vocal. I agree with you regarding the cult existence of inconspicuous people. I would like to know about the evidence you speak of regarding unexpected individuals.

      I would also like to know why you feel that you are spiritually bound and how you feel that you have been used. I certainly hope to hear from you again and thank you very much for visiting my blog. If there is anything I can do to help you lease just let me know.


      Madaline E. States
      Pen name Maryam Ruhullah