Friday, 30 November 2012

Defeating Anguish

"And your creation or your resurrection is in no wise but as an individual soul: for Allah is He who hears and sees (All things)." The Nobel Qur'an (31:28)

It was mentioned in my first published posting on this blog site, that I am a survivor of Mk-Ultra. Although that statement took less than ten seconds to type, the magnitude of the reality surrounding the facts of Mk-Ultra go beyond the capacity of measurement where the damages done to its living human subjects are concerned.

I do not sharing my personal experiemces and pains because I feel sorry for myself. Self-pity, in my opinion, yields too much of ones' validity  to the perpetrators who impose afflictions. There are of course days when my spirit descend into a woeful state and I experience the sensation of feeling detached and estranged from everything and everyone around me. But, a determined spirit coupled with rigorous exercise and prayer, emotional lows don't dominate too many of my days. There are also moments when in remembering some of the extreme abuses committed against me, that I stand in the mental disbelief that such callous and inhumane actions could have been enacted on a functioning human life.


  1. Again, terribly upsetting. (Your friend from DC).

    1. Hello Mary,

      Again thank you for your comment and it is nice to know that we share DC. I very much enjoy and am benefiting from participating in this fun health acknowledgement. Have a good Valentine's weekend.

      Madaline E. States