Friday, 2 November 2012

Honoring the True Self

It is now August 23rd, 2012 which indicates that the year 2012 is more than half over. On this Thursday, I look inwardly and question if my life is still about goals and accomplishments. Since I am a survivor of one of history's most inhumane and brutal experimentation program, when it comes to the evaluation of my personal accomplishments I sometimes feel like a remote viewer. I wonder and question where is the woman, the person who existed prior to being subjected to vile and callous torment. Is it possible to reconstruct the undamaged self, the true self, the person who vivaciously strived prior to being dismantled and disassembled? Currently, I am working on a creative project which I shall enter into a writer's contest which I have titled, "The Accomplished Woman." The inspiration for this manuscript is the fact that with all I have suffered and endured, somewhere, still, exist within me the acknowledge of the gifted woman who though subjected to extreme exploitation while experiencing brutal intentional disregard for my human rights miraculously maintained personal values and a propensity for social responsibility and justice.

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