Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Strength to Survive

This blog has been created for the purpose of connecting with survivors of extreme abuse. I, through the grace of God, have been fortunate where the level of personal survival is concerned. My story is very entrenched and complicated. It involves years of anguish and manipulation and pain. It will be difficult for the general public to believe that any finite being could survive kidnappings, being used as an experimentation victim and other inhumane acts of irreverence to the human body, wherein, consequently, the human spirit.

In this first composition, I won't get into the specific acts of abuse committed against me, but I will state, that one of the major assaults against me involved Mk-Ultra. If any one reading this page is not aware of this word, please Google~~MKULTRA~~, then inquire how you can help survivors of this horrendous and invasive actions against an intellectual property.

I look forward to communication with individuals who feel a sense of commitment to the community and society in which they live. I further am looking forward to communicating with those who consider themselves victims of extreme and criminal abuses of power.

I have personally found that survival starts from within. It starts with the knowledge that each human being has a value within space and time. I know and have experiences the stresses and pains of abandonment from those whom you loved and trusted. I have felt the loneliness and sense of having been forsaken which was caused by having been left friendless when I most needed a friend. I have survived in learning that true friendship starts with self respect and a determined spirit. Goodbye for now but I look forward to my next venture with this Blog.

Stay Faithful to your Dreams,


  1. Survivors are the pillars of a foundation grounded in strength and faith. I look forward to hearing more of your story.

  2. I was the victim of abuse also, but not to this extent by any means. :-(

    1. Dear Mary,

      Thank you for your comment, I sincerely appreciate all recognition of my efforts. Through research and experience, I have learned not to minimize abuse, so whatever happened to you it can not be rated. I visited your blog and was very impressed. Let's keep in touch and become a motivating force each for the other.
      Have a great weekend,
      Madaline E. States
      You can Google my pen name which is: Maryam Ruhullah

  3. I am not sure if I really understand what happened to you. You were kidnapped as a child, then released; then kidnapped again as an adult, married with a child, then released again? I'm so sorry for your suffering. Do you communicate with your parents at all? Do you think they were involved? God bless you